Dick de Wit

Dick de Wit is the founder and owner of the Utrecht Magic Tattoo Studio. With over 35 years of experience, he knows all the tricks of the trade and with his motto "friendliness and quality are always number one", he is one of the most progressive artists in modern tattoo art and now a household name in the Netherlands. Although it may seem a bit busy, it disappears as soon as he starts getting a tattoo. Extreme concentration and effort ensure that every tattoo becomes a true work of art. Dick is Lord and Master is many styles but prefers doing Japanese and Old-School Tattoos. Except for Tribal work, (so he does NOT Tribal), Nothing else is impossible with him. Dick does NOT work on Wednesday.

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Natalie de Wit – Huisman

Natalie is often the first point of contact and also takes care of everything in and around the shop. You can especially come to her for small minimalist tattoos, but she also likes other styles to do. Take a look at her instagram portfolio to get an impression of her work. She works on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

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Anthony van Eerten

Anthony is een all-round tatoeëerder uit Deventer en heeft zich gespecialiseerd in black & grey tattoos. Daarnaast  kun je bij hem ook terecht voor dotwork, mandala’s  en neo-traditional.

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Jeroen Gardenier

Jeroen is an all-round tattoo artist and master of traditional tattoos with their own twist. He thinks this style is the most beautiful thing to do. Full in color or black-gray, say it! His work speaks for itself. You can find Jeroen with us on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Riccardo Koopmans

Riccardo is an all-round tattoo artist from Sneek, Friesland. This silent enjoyer can be found with us on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Especially with old school, and single needle fine line tattoos, Riccardo is completely in his element. Unlike Dick de Wit, Riccardo is calm itself, which ensures that the shop is completely in balance!

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Wesley Bekkers

Every Friday Wesley brings a piece of Brabant cosiness to Utrecht. He is an all-round tattoo artist but specializes in the neo-traditional style.

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