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First of all, congratulations on your new tattoo! Of course, we have done our utmost to make it a good result out of it, but our work is done actually on, the rest of the care is up to you. To ensure that your tattoo so pretty and possible cures, it is extremely important that you follow the advice given by our care.

The cure time of a tattoo is approximately one week. General health and physical condition play a major role. During the healing process, the tattoo itch. It is important that you are not going to scratch, because this will damage the tattoo and there will be white spots remain. Personal hygiene is imperative. During the healing time Immediately after putting the tattoo will be covered with a gauze or transparent film. This can be removed, after which it should be, as described below. The tattoo treated after 4 to 6 hours.

Touch the tattoo as little as possible with your hands.

Wash the tattoo cohtend each and every night gently with warm water and a mild, unscented soap (preferably “Unicura No. 2 Balance”) until it is healed. The scabs that cause the itch come from naturally while showering. Rub not extra over with a washcloth or sponge. After washing the soap should be rinsed with cold water.

Dab the wound after washing gently dry with a clean towel, a tissue or paper towel. Note again that you do not rub the tattoo around.

Keep the tattoo on as many dry.

Grease during the first week, a thin layer of Bepanthen ointment on the wound. Do this three times a day and use absolutely no other ointment, petroleum jelly or purol. After a week you rub the tattoo after showering with Vaseline Intensive Care body lotion.

Drip no wound disinfectants like Sterilon or Betadine on the tattoo.

Do not wear patches or bandage over the tattoo. It is important that the tattoo receiving enough oxygen, which helps to speed up the healing process.

Make sure you do not wear tight woolen clothes dirty or choking on your tattoo it. Also beware of dust and pet hair.

During the healing process should all contact with bathing, chlorine pools, hot tubs and natural bathing should be avoided. Also do not use saunas or steam rooms.

Set the tattoo exposed to the sun or tanning bed, not even with a sunscreen. If your tattoo has healed after a while it is still very important that you rub him while sunbathing with a good sunscreen of at least factor 10.

If in the case of extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, color change or pain always immediately contact your doctor.

If you just stick to our care advice, the tattoo will heal most beautiful and fastest. Proceed on your own feelings and treat your tattoo in a hygienic and prudent manner. If you nevertheless have any questions, feel free to call us or drop by our studio. We’d love to help you after all.